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DAH Boom-Mounted Mulchers

Denis Cimaf

The DAH is a high-power, forestry brushcutting-mulching industrial system to be installed on most excavators or other carriers with articulated masts. DAH brushcutter-mulchers are designed for vegetation control work.

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Variable displacement, axial-piston motor that minimizes overheating and improves re-acceleration.


Industrial cogged-belt drive system that prevents slippage and reduces effort applied to bearings compared with V-belts, for longer bearing life


Heat-treated, bolt-on forged knives that deliver maximum resistance to impact and abrasion, and that can be sharpened right on the unit

Easy Replacement

A single nut and bolt holds the knife in place, making replacing worn knives easy


Protective rings that limit the size of the bites and considerably reduce risks of breakage on the knife holders

Tilt Option

New tilt option offers higher productivity owing to increased agressiveness.

Replaceable Liner

Replaceable bolt-in liner increases the frame durability.

Chevron Rows of Knives

Two chevron-like rows of knives that help reduce vibration during operation

Aligned Knife Configuration

Smaller B-sized rotor have an aligned knives configuration to help with rotor suction.

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