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EWF Hydraulic Power Units

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EWF hydraulic power units have been developed specifically to increase the power available for your industrial accessory attachments via an independent hydraulic circuit. Easy to install on a variety of heavy equipment, they are a quick and powerful solution to achieve the highest levels of productivity and profitability.

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EWF Hydraulic Power Units
EWF-225 Specifications-------------------------
EWF-225 Engine Power225 HP, 167 kW
EWF-225 Engine Emission ComplianceTier 4
EWF-225 Pump Power130 cc
EWF-225 Maximum Pressure at 2200 RPM4,891 psi, 337 bar
EWF-225 Maximum Flow at 2200 RPM75 gallons, 286 L
EWF-225 Electric Tension12 VDC
EWF-225 Unit Width57", 145 cm
EWF-225 Unit Height75", 191 cm
EWF-225 Unit Length96", 244 cm
EWF-225 Unit Weight6,500 lb, 2948 kg
EWF-225 Oil Tank Capacity35 gallons, 132 L
EWF-225 Fuel Tank IncludedYes
EWF-225 Recommended Fuel Tank Capacity35 gallons, 246 L
EWF-225 Independent Cooling FanYes
EWF-225 Extra Cooling Fan Type8 cc Proportional PRV
EWF-225 Recommended Hydraulic OilBiodegradable Hydraulic Oil
EWF-070 Specifications-------------------------
EWF-070 Engine Power74 HP, 55 kW
EWF-070 Engine Emission ComplianceTier 4
EWF-070 Pump Power42 cc
EWF-070 Maximum Pressure at 2200 RPM5,284 psi, 364 bar
EWF-070 Maximum Flow at 2200 RPM24 gallons, 90 L
EWF-070 Electric Tension12 VDC
EWF-070 Unit Width41", 104 cm
EWF-070 Unit Height52", 132 cm
EWF-070 Unit Length64", 163 cm
EWF-070 Unit Weight2,000 lb, 907 kg
EWF-070 Oil Tank Capacity10 gallons, 38 L
EWF-070 Fuel Tank IncludedNo
EWF-070 Recommended Fuel Tank Capacity23 gallons, 85 L
EWF-070 Independent Cooling FanNo
EWF-070 Recommended Hydraulic OilBiodegradable Hydraulic Oil
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