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Talon Debris Shear


With Morbark Talon Debris Shears, you effectively reduce the size of large-diameter stumps and logs fed into your machine, resulting in less wear and tear on the machine and increased productivity. These highly versatile shears can process wood up to 60″ (162.4 cm) (Model 60) or 40″ (101.6 cm) (Model 40) in diameter both in and out of the ground. Changing wear parts is simple and quick. Both the Model 60 and 40 have replaceable, weld-on blades and tips. The more compact Model 40 is operated from existing carrier hydraulic circuitry with no additional hydraulics needed, so the shear is very easy to attach and remove. (The Model 60 requires one extra valve, available on most support equipment.)

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Talon Debris Shear
Carrier weight classification Model 4030,000 to 50,000 lb, 13607.8 to 22679.6 kg
Rec. operating pressure for shear Model 40carrier-specific
Rec. hydraulic flow Model 40carrier-specific
Main pivot pin Model 404″ diameter, 10.16 cm diameter
Capacity Model 4040″, 101.6 cm
Carrier weight classification Model 6055,000 to 80,000 lb, 24,947.6 to 36,287.4 kg
Rec. operating pressure for shear Model 603,500 PSI, 24131.6 kPa
Rec. hydraulic flow Model 6040 to 50 GPM, 151.4 to 189.3 L/min
Main pivot pin Model 604″ diameter, 10.16 cm diameter
Capacity Model 6060″, 152.4 cm
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